African American Leadership

African American Leadership - United Way of Greater Greensboro

African American Leadership (AAL) is designed to recognize African Americans who make Cornerstone Society gifts of $1,000 or more annually to United Way of Greater Greensboro. Through AAL, African Americans are encouraged to become leadership givers by investing their time and resources to strengthen the impact of United Way of Greater Greensboro's partnership and programs.

The benefits of participating in African American Leadership include:

  • Cultivation of relationships with African-American volunteers, and business and community leaders
  • Opportunity to serve on an AAL committee or subcommittee whose goals are to educate,inspire, and engage African Americans around key issues that are important to the community
  • Satisfaction of knowing that your contributions are changing the lives of thosein need in our community
  • Opportunity to partner with agencies in a variety of ways

The African American Leadership engagement group has been instrumental in creating the African American Male Initiative, focused on improving outcomes for young men in our community through mentoring. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved in this initaitive.

For more information about African American Leadership, call 336-378-6606.

Robin Kumoluyi, African American Leader"I give, advocate and volunteer because an investment into United Way is synonymous with an investment into our ourselves. It fulfills the core of what makes us all connected, both as a stronger community and as caring individuals. "

Deno Adkins,
Director of Health Services
Cone Health